The end of my South American adventure

I had to make one last stop in Puerto Natales before I left Patagonia. For no other reason, but to go to Aluen Patagonia, the most amazing gelateria I have ever been to. Well, OK, perhaps I’m lying, I also had to catch a flight back to Santiago. I was sad to leave Patagonia, but … More The end of my South American adventure


It was my first day of unemployment and I was heading to Bratislava. Having finished a yearlong internship I decided that it was time to relax and that I would worry about getting a new job once I came back from my holiday. Bratislava wasn’t my final destination, more of a stopover on the way … More Bratislava

Köln & Moitzfeld

At the beginning of November I was flying to Köln, but I was losing my hope to see it. All these cool bridges and the massive cathedral might be missed… oh well, I wasn’t going there exactly for that. My boyfriend was living just outside Köln, in the place called Moitzfeld. I was going to visit him … More Köln & Moitzfeld

54 Hours of Rome

I would not recommend to read this post if you are hiding from the rain in the cold room – like I am now, in Scotland. I’m writing about this trip and missing it already – it’s hard to live in a cold rainy country, but it’s even harder to live in it after going … More 54 Hours of Rome