Exploring the South of Spain

My absolute favourite part of being on holidays is those first few hours of arriving to the new country. Coming out from the airport building, feeling warm air on your face, trying to stuff your jacket in an overfilled backpack (because if you are like me, you’re not giving any extra money to Ryanair), hearing … More Exploring the South of Spain

Gran Canaria

Fifteen years or so ago there was a TV show in Lithuania that sent an old lady on holiday to Gran Canaria. I don’t remember now all the details, but she put together a ridiculous song that, unfortunately, is still in my head. Apart from petting all the cats on the island and singing random … More Gran Canaria

Hiking in Mallorca

When I told some of my friends I was going to do some hiking in Mallorca almost every single one of them looked at me strangely, some of them asked if it is possible to go hiking there in the first place, some of them thought that was the new way to call “drinking” and … More Hiking in Mallorca