Getting My Colours Back

I was actually tempted to skip writing about the trip I had last January. Probably because I wasn’t sure what to write about it or maybe I was a bit embarrassed about the reasons that made me travel. I wasn’t going to see places or experience new cultures, I was just trying to run away from my own life for a bit. Probably not the most responsible thing to do in the middle of the thesis project, but I had to get some fresh air.

Winter is not my friend. And I’m writing this post for myself and for people who can’t handle winter very well. It really gets to me, no matter how much effort I put in trying to make things better. Last winter it just got too much and I thought it would be a perfect time to visit two of my best friends in Berlin and Copenhagen. Actually, they thought it would be a good time for me to visit them.

Leaving Edinburgh for a bit was a great decision indeed. Changing the environment for couple of weeks was all I needed. Some good Jazz gigs, dancing in Berlin’s clubs, playing with the cat and doing loads of cycling somewhere outside Copenhagen with the reindeers were just perfect to give me the colours back. After these two weeks of positive energy it was so much easier to go back to Edinburgh and continue with my life.

What I am trying to say here is that sometimes it feels that there is nothing you can do to help yourself and you feel trapped because of some projects or whatever else you have to do in your life. My thesis project did not suffer from taking two weeks off, this trip probably even helped me to finish it. I know everyone’s circumstances are different, but if you are reading this and you feel like things are getting to you – have you considered taking some time off and running away for a bit?

I’m going to share some colours from my trip. Not everything has to be grey 🙂

5 thoughts on “Getting My Colours Back

  1. Good idea! I always love going on little winter trips…it doesn’t matter if the weather is shitty or not. You get the opportunity to explore and discover and just do fun things…and helps you refuel until spring or summer are back 🙂


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